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"Meal Clinic provides a service that bridges the gap between your healthcare providers suggestions and your food regimen. For example if someone is to follow a low carb regimen based on their providers suggestion, Meal Clinic prepares the meals within those parameters. This allows for a convenient way to kick start your health without the stress of planning and preparing.



What can I eat on a Low Carb Meal Plan?

We highly suggest you speak with one of our partner physician to determine the right prepared meal for you.

A low carb meal will usually be:

  • Low in sugar processed and natural
  • Generous amounts of protein
  • Generous variations of healthy fats

What does a low carb Meal plan look like?

The content of the diet will vary, depending on an individual's goals, personal health and financial situation. But, the focus should invariably be on eating nutritious minimally processed, real foods.


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