Prepared. Delivered. Delicious.

Stabilize your health and life with freshly prepared meal plans catered to your dietary requirements.

What we do

Work with your healthcare provider

We'll help you control your nutritional intake for metabolic disease prevention based on a dietary plan from your healthcare provider.

Freshly prepared meals

Our chefs will turn your healthcare provider's dietary plan into delicious, ready-to-eat meals that we prepare fresh and to the highest standards.

Delivered to your door

Your plan will be delivered direct to your door. Refrigerate or freeze your meals until you're ready to sit down and enjoy!

Take action, be the healthiest YOU

Add control to your life

Customer Reviews

Great tasting, felt healthy, and easy to reheat in the microwave. 

Tom M.

We utilize meal clinic based on our doctors recemmondation to eat healthy!  Although new to the program we feel healthier and more energetic. 

Jamie S.

I am so busy that it is just easier to purchase their 10 day program.  I do not have to cook, clean, and the meals taste great

Joel P.